4 Tips To Wash Your Car

Washing  your car is the most common and obvious task you should do to maintain your car’s appearance. The longer you wait, the more dirt and gunk will build up on your car, which will take more time and energy to clean it up. How and where you wash your car is going to be […]

Is It Safe To Spray Water Directly To Engine Bay?

Did you pop open your hood and realize it’s been a while, perhaps years, that you last cleaned the engine bay? No worries. It’s very typical for an engine to get a bit out of hand. Especially since most of us only look under the hood when something is wrong (or to change the oil).  […]

How To Wash and Maintain A Fleet Of Vehicles

It’s easy to maintain one or two personal cars in your driveway. You can set a semi-regular schedule in terms of when to wash them so they can stay in great condition month after month.  But how do you apply that same concept if you own a business or work in a company that has […]

The Love For Dogs And Their Mess

Are you an avid dog lover? If you are, or at least own a dog, you know how much joy and fun they can bring into your life.  A joyous dog is always waiting for you to get home for play time. At the same time, the other part that you’re going to deal with […]

Does My Car Need Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the process of removing swirls, scratches, and any other type of paint imperfections from the paint.  By removing 60% to 85% of your paint imperfections, your car’s paint will shine like never before- even more than when the car was sitting in the dealership lot!  Paint correction, for the most part, is […]

Winter Season- How To Wash Your Car

Yikes! It’s that time of year where the sun is shinning but it’s still cold outside. Too cold to wash your car comfortably without turning into an ice cold popsicle. Some people have it better than other, I may say. Some people live in areas where regular cold temperature is around 4F to 10F. At […]

How To Detail Your Car With No Garage or Limited Space

In an ideal situation, when it comes time to detailing your car, you would like there to be a warm sunny day with light winds, an open driveway or area to wash your car, and then a garage of some sort to complete the detail.  A lot of times, however, it is anything but the […]

The Car Detailing Process

In just about every industry imaginable, things can always get complex and confusion. You can make any objective or goal have 100 steps in order to complete it.  The same goes for detailing your car.  There are hundreds and hundreds of choices to choose from in terms of products and tools to detail your car. […]

How To Keep Car Clean During Pollen Season

Pollen season means a lot of people are going to be sneezing and visiting the local pharmacy a lot more.  But another common thing that happens is mostly all the cars in the city are going  to have a layer of pollen on theirs cars.  In just a couple of days, your car will pretty […]

Interior Car Cleaning, What Products Do I Need?

If you’re thinking about cleaning the interior of your car, that can be one of the most dramatic and beneficial cleanings you can do.  When done right, you’ll feel like you’re in a brand new car again- assuming that your car is dirty at the moment.  It’s easy for the interior to get out of […]