How To Keep Car Clean During Pollen Season

Pollen season means a lot of people are going to be sneezing and visiting the local pharmacy a lot more. 

But another common thing that happens is mostly all the cars in the city are going  to have a layer of pollen on theirs cars. 

In just a couple of days, your car will pretty much look yellow once it’s covered in all the pollen. Sometimes it may take just half a day for the pollen to build up on your car. 

When there’s hard gusts of wind, you can bet that the pollen activity will be much higher than other days. 

So how do you keep your car clean during this time? Well, there are several key tasks you can do that will greatly reduce and minimize the amount of pollen and clean up time. 

Park Your Car Indoors 

This one will probably be the easiest and quickest tip you can implement if you have access to a garage, a storage, or some kind of shed to park your car in during the day and night. 

Obviously if you don’t leave your car outside, it’s going to reduce the amount of pollen that gets on your car. 

Like I said, it’s going to reduce the amount of pollen, it won’t eliminate it completely. Pollen can get through small cracks and crevices with just enough wind kicking, so you’ll still find that pollen on your car. 

This is the easiest to implement but probably the least effective methods. 

Add A Layer Of Protection 

Pollen getting on your car is one thing. But when you have a strong wax or sealant (or even coating) on your car, your life becomes a lot easier. 

First, the protection will not let the pollen stick as well as it would if you didn’t have protection on the paint. So when you’re driving on the road, the pollen is going to glide right off your paint. 

If your car is parked, the pollen will not roll off since it needs guidance (aka the wind) to push off the pollen. 

However, if you have a wax or sealant on, you could hose down your car with water and most of the pollen will come off. Although now you’ll have to probably wash it since you don’t want water spots to form or dry it off with a lot of left over dirt from normal driving and pollen. 

This is a little more time consuming method but very effective. 

Wash It Once A Week  

If you combine this method with the one above, you’re golden. 

Yes, doing these two (or just this one) does take up more energy and time (or money if you pay someone to do it for you), but you’ll have the best and consistent results. 

Washing your car on a weekly to bi-weekly schedule will always “reset” your car to a fresh start. If you have a strong wax or sealant on your car, it’s going to be a lot easier and faster to clean your car. 

Most of the pollen will come off with just a rinse. Then proceeding with your normal washing method you’ll get the rest of the dirt and pollen off. 

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