How To Wash and Maintain A Fleet Of Vehicles

It’s easy to maintain one or two personal cars in your driveway. You can set a semi-regular schedule in terms of when to wash them so they can stay in great condition month after month. 

But how do you apply that same concept if you own a business or work in a company that has a fleet of vehicles? Because you still need to make sure they stay presentable for the clients. 

You wouldn’t want to arrive to a customer’s location with a super dirty van or truck, especially if you’re offer a service-based job like carpet cleaning, A/C, plumbing, etc… “If you can’t keep your own van clean”, the customer thinks, “how are they going to take care of me?” 

So it can be vital to make sure your vans are getting washed at least twice a week. Depending on your work load, the amount of technicians you have, and the amount of vans you have, it’s going to differ month by month. 

But getting into a habit of regularly cleaning and washing your fleet of vehicles is a great thing to do. 

Wash Them On The Least Busiest Day 

If you know when you have a lower than usual work day, where perhaps not as many vans are going out, then that would be a great time to wash as many vans as you can. 

Of course, it’s always best to prep the day before so when you arrive that morning (or evening), you can immediately start to wash the vehicles without interruptions as the work day may pick up. 

You should have your buckets, wash mitts, drying towels, wash soap, and stepping stool if necessary ready to rock and roll when you arrive. 

Hire Someone To Keep Them Clean 

You can assign someone in your company the task to wash the fleet every other week, on the least busy day. Or you could hire an outside car wash crew to come to your location (or you go to theirs) and get them cleaned up on a bi-weekly basis. 

This is a great option when you simply have to many vehicles to take care of. If you have between seven and twenty vans with one or two people washing them, that’s manageable. It may take a while, but definitely manageable. 

Once you start to add more vans, things start to get a bit to much for one or two people to handle. Unless you work out the logistics and plan it so well to rotate all the vans per every other week to make sure they’re all getting washed every two weeks. 

Hire A Night Crew 

If you want to wash all the vans at once, the best thing that you can do in my opinion is to hire or find a crew that can come after hours once your vans are all at the warehouse to get them washed. 

That way the work day is not being interrupted and everything can run as smoothly as possible. So then the assigned personal can simply wash the car without being rushed. It’s a win-win situation. 

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