Interior Car Cleaning, What Products Do I Need?

If you’re thinking about cleaning the interior of your car, that can be one of the most dramatic and beneficial cleanings you can do. 

When done right, you’ll feel like you’re in a brand new car again- assuming that your car is dirty at the moment. 

It’s easy for the interior to get out of hand. So don’t worry that there’s a mess, it happens to all of us (even me!). 

The good thing about this blog post is that I’m not going to fill this up with 100 products and tools you need to buy to get the job done. Not close at all. 

I’m going to give you the absolute essentials you need to take care of your interior. And trust me, you can do this without breaking the bank. 

Identify What You’re Going To Clean

Before I tell you the tools and products, you first need to realize what is it all that you’re going to be cleaning? 

Of course it’s the interior, that’s a no brainer 😛 

But more so in terms of the material that’s in your car. For instance, are your really going to clean the entire interior from top to bottom? 

Or are you simply going to clean the seats? Dashboard? Door panels? 

This is going to help give a better glimpse at what you need to buy and the approach you’ll take. 

You could only clean the dashboard and seats. You could only clean the seats and carpets. But if it’s been a while since your interior has really gone through a deep interior cleaning, it’s best just to take care of the whole interior. 

Trust me, you’ll love the results. You’ll feel like you’re in a brand (or at least) almost brand new car. 

And of course, if you deem the work as too much, you can always hire a detailer to get the job done for you 🙂 

The Tools and Products 

I really don’t want to give you more than 5 products and tools to buy to clean your interior. Most likely than not, you’re only going to use these to clean your car a couple times a year (unless you have more personal cars you want to clean) and then probably just leave them to collect dust in the garage. 

So there’s no point for me to tell you each and every single option that you have on the market. If your plans are to start your own car detailing business, you can easily read these blog posts on it

Even in my business, the main products I use are as follows: 

  1. All purpose cleaner 
  2. Cheap towels 
  3. Brush 
  4. Waterless wash (for glass cleaning)
  5. Glass towel

Yup, and that’s all I use for 80% of my details! The only item I’m really missing is a steamer that I bought from Fry’s for $200. But that can easily be an overkill. 

That should be more than enough for you to take care of your car. The main thing that’s going to hold you up is that you might be brand new to detailing. 

So fully cleaning a coupe car may take you in the realm of 7 hours if you’re taking your time (as when I first started, any car would take me a minimum of 5 hours). 

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