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Change the color of your car, truck or SUV to anything you want!

Vinyl wrapping allows you to change the color of your vehicle without having to go through the hassle of sending your vehicle to the paint shop and getting it resprayed.

As great as painting a car is, it can also lead to problems of the resale value going down, the quality of work not holding up, and can be very costly. 

When you wrap your vehicle, you dramatically change the appearance and if you’re ever tired of it or want to change the color again, you simply peel off the wrap and do it again. If your main goal is to protect your vehicle from rock chips, paint protection film (PPF) might be the better option for you. We also offer window tinting services

There are hundreds of color options for you to choose from! You can go gloss, matte, chrome, or color shifting. There’s no right or wrong answer here. If your car is white, you can change it to a matte black or you can go with a high-gloss pink. Whatever you want!

You don’t even have to do the whole vehicle! You can just wrap your hood, or hood and roof, or hood and mirrors. This is really all preference based on how you want your car to look.

You can also ceramic coat the vinyl film for extra gloss and make the wash process much easier. 

The Benefits of Car Wraps

Temporary Color Change

Car wrapping is the easiest way to dramatically change the appearance of your vehicle without making it permanent. You can change the color every 6 months or 3 years!

Protects Your Paint

The primary goal with vinyl wraps is to change the color of your vehicle. But a byproduct of that is it also protects the OEM paint from rock chips and bird droppings.

Unique Style

There are hundreds of options to choose from to match your unique style. You can go with a crazy color like chrome, color shifting, or just a nice high-gloss finish. The options are endless!

The R3 Car Wrap Process

Wrapping your car is very tedious work and takes a lot of patience. You don’t want to see bubbles, wrinkles, or exposed edges in the final product.

If your vehicle already has vinyl or paint protection film, we’ll first have to safely remove it. Depending on the quality of film or how old it is, will greatly determine how long it takes us to remove it. Some level of paint correction might be needed.

From there, we’ll prep your vehicle with our Premium Wash to make sure the panels are free of debris and contaminants for a very clean installation. 

If needed, we’ll disassemble parts of the car so we can wrap the edges. For instance, we can take off the door handles on your door or front bumper and headlights. This allows us to give the cleanest and most seamless installation possible. 

Next comes the fun part of wrapping your vehicle. This is also the most time-consuming. Some panels are more challenging than others. We’ll take our time with the wrap installation to make sure it gets done right the first time.

Once done, we’ll double check our installation, reassemble any parts, check the film again, and it’ll be ready for pickup!

Vinyl Wrap Pricing

Price is based on size of vehicle, complexity of panels, type of film/color you want, and what you’d like to wrap. 

Full Vehicle Wrap

Starting price

Sedan: $3,500
Truck: $4,500


Starting price


Hood & Roof

Starting price



Starting price


Side Mirrors

Starting price


Chrome Delete

Starting price


Car Wrap FAQs

What’s the difference between paint protection film and vinyl wrap?
Paint protection film is a thicker, more durable form of polyurethane film that is meant to give your vehicle the ultimate protection. PPF it’s typically clear film, but brands are now coming out with different color finishes. Vinyl wrap is a thinner film of polyvinyl chloride and it’s primarily to change the color of your vehicle (but it does help protect the vehicle from rock chips, just to a lesser degree).

Will vinyl wrap damage my paint?
In short, no it won’t. But if you’re not careful, it can. Vinyl wrap, depending on the brand, can last for 3 to 5 years and will not damage your paint when it’s time to remove it. It also depends on how you maintain your vehicle. If it’s always sitting outside in the heat, the film will deteriorate faster compared to if it’s always garage kept. If maintained properly and using quality film, your paint will be fine.

What brands of vinyl wrap do you use?
We use many brands like 3M, Avery, Vivid, KPMF, and more. Depending on the type of wrap you want, like chrome, we’d only use the higher quality brands. You can find cheap vinyl film in the market but they’re usually low quality and hard to work with.

Do you offer detailing services?
Yes, we sure do! We’ve been detailing cars since 2011 and can take care of your needs.Here’s some of the services we offer:

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