How Much Does Paint Correction Cost?

Have you looked at your car and thought to yourself, “Why doesn’t my car have the shine like it once did?” Trust me, I hear those stories a lot.  It could have been a couple years ago that they bought the new-to-them car, and now they’re somewhat second guessing themselves if it was worth it.  […]

Different Between Foam Gun and Foam Cannon

Are you stuck between using a foam cannon or a foam gun to wash your car? Or maybe you’re kind of lost on which one you’re suppose to use? Regardless, I’ll explain everything you need to know to make sure you are on track!  I was also lost when I first got into detailing on […]

How Much Does It Cost For A New Paint Job?

Are you wondering if your car needs a new paint job? Perhaps you’re tired of seeing a dull and somewhat lifeless paint of yours, so you’re browsing the internet for some information on the process of getting your car repainted and of course the price of it all. In this blog post, I’m going to […]

Paint Correction: The Tools You’ll Need To Get The Job Done

Have you been considering getting into detailing? More specifically, removing the swirls and scratches from your paint? If you’ve seen those cool YouTube videos or photos on the detailing forums, you can easily tell a proper paint correction can do wonders to your car! People will come up to you and ask, “Did you get […]

Is It Difficult To Be A Car Detailer?

I get asked a lot what type of certificates I have for detailing. I always answer the same, “There are none.”  Sure there are those small training classes that a few companies put together, but it’s by no means a standardized- true class where the certificates hold any weight or value to the world. Especially […]

How To Check If Your Car Still Has Wax

Have you ever applied a wax to your car and wondered a few weeks later if it’s still on there? It’s pretty hard to guess since it’s clear. There’s no sign or meter that you can buy that will measure the amount of wax that’s on your car.  So then how do you even know […]

How To Clean Cloth Seats With Extractor

When was the last time your car’s interior had a thorough interior cleaning? When I ask that question to people who are interested in our interior cleaning services, they always say, “It’s never had one.” This basically means we’re going to have to pull out the strong machines since the car hasn’t ever been thoroughly cleaned. […]

Detailing Your Car On A Shoe String Budget

Do you want to get your car looking amazing as it once did but you’re a bit strapped for money? Don’t worry, regardless of what you’ve seen online about detailers using dozens and dozens of products to use to work on expensive cars, you really don’t need all that much. Depending on what you’re goal […]

Can You Clean A Cigarette Burn?

Do you or one of your friends or family members smoke a lot in the car while you’re driving? Than it’s probably not a surprise that at one point in time, a cigarette made it’s way to touching the headliner, coach, or floor mat, causing a burnt spot in the fabric.  It see it all […]

What are The Details In A Detail

As an auto detailer, you’re expected to “cover the details.” As they say, “The devil is in the details.” But how detailed should we get with each detail? How far does the customer want the detailer to clean? It sounds a bit meta, but it’s a topic that detailers are always talking about in forums. […]