How To Detail Your Car With No Garage or Limited Space

In an ideal situation, when it comes time to detailing your car, you would like there to be a warm sunny day with light winds, an open driveway or area to wash your car, and then a garage of some sort to complete the detail. 

A lot of times, however, it is anything but the ideal situation. 

If you live in an apartment, you probably won’t have a garage, shed, or even dedicated wash bay to detail your car. 

If you live in a house, you’ll probably have too many cars in the driveway and garage for you to really have any room to move around. 

Although it does seem like you’re a bit stuck in your situation, there are a number of things you can do to give you a better or a more ideal situation. 

No Room or Garage 

Obviously it’ll be much easier to detail your car when you have space to move around and place your products and tools where you’d like instead of being bunched up in a tiny area. 

Of course, depending on the detail that you’re doing is going to be dependent on how much time and space you need.

Nonetheless, an effective method you can do is to take your car to a local coin operated car wash.

Take all your tools and products and detail your car there (if possible). You’ll have more than enough room to place your items there and you’ll have access to a pressure washer.

The only down side is you may not get access to an electrical outlet. So if you wanted to vacuum your car or something, this may not be the place to do it.  

Try Different Methods 

Over the years, the detailing industry has really grown. Which means there are far more versatile products on the market that can help you achieve certain tasks in different ways. 

For example.. 

If you want to wash your car but live in an apartments, you don’t necessarily need to use a water hose, to rinse your car, fill the buckets, and rinse your car again. 

There’s the waterless wash method and the rinseless wash method that you can do that will require much less water. The waterless wash you won’t need any water at all (aside from when you dilute the chemical). 

One Part At A Time 

Instead of trying to detail everything at once, or at least take care of multiple things. You can try breaking it off the detail into separate days. 

For instance, you can vacuum your car one day, clean the dashboard the other, so on and so forth…. 

That way you can focus on what you need to do without getting over yourself and making any mistakes. 

Or at least try to group together what you want to do and knock it out at once. 

You could clean your engine and wash your car on the same day. But you shouldn’t clean the interior of your car and restore your headlights since those require such different tools and products which calls for more time and space. 

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