Restorative Interior Car Cleaning

Make Your Interior Feel Like-New Again With Our Restorative Interior Cleaning Service

Restorative Interior Car Cleaning

90% of the time, our Full Interior Cleaning service can get your car’s interior back to a like-new condition. It’s one of our most popular services.

However, sometimes there’s an interior that needs more work than the average condition. This is what we refer to as a restoration cleaning.
So if you think your car’s interior is too dirty to work on, no worries! We’ve tackled some pretty bad interiors in the past with great results.

So What’s The Difference With This Cleaning?

With the Restorative Interior Cleaning, we do everything that’s included in the Full Interior Cleaning, but twice as much (because the condition of the interior is that much worse).
For instance, on our Full Interior Cleaning, to get great results, we might do one or two passes on a seat with our hot water extractor.
When it comes to our restorative service, if your seats are heavily soiled, we’ll do two to four passes with our hot water extractor to get as much of the gunk that we can. We’ll repeat this process across your entire interior.
For most vehicles, this will not be necessary. But for the small percentage of cars that really need the extra work, this will be your best bet.
Instead of the typical 2 to 4 hours to complete, it might take 3 to 6 hours to get the interior back to an acceptable level.

Ideally, because it requires a lot more work and time, we’d require you to drop off your vehicle at our shop location for this service.

If there’s an odor in your vehicle you’d like to remove, this is a great time to add a Smoke Odor or general Odor Removal service.

Depending on the type of odor and the severity, this can add up to a day of time worth of work. It’ll also add more time if we’re addressing any urine, blood, or fecal incidents in the interior.

This may sound like a lot, but again, this is for the few select vehicles that will actually need this level of service (which we’re happy to do!).

Your Interior Will Be Greatly Improved

It’s important to note, even after all the extra time and energy we put into your interior, there will still be limitations on how much we can actually clean back to a like-new condition.
Some of the stains or areas of the interior will simply not get back to its original condition. It depends on the surface that was stained, what kind of stain it is, how long the stain has been there, and a few other factors that will dictate what we can really achieve.
On top of that, if the fabric of the interior is less than ideal, we can’t get aggressive with our cleanings as that will continue to damage the fabric.
We see it all the time. There might be a lot of stains on the headliner, but because it’s already sagging and the fibers are already fraying, we can only clean so much or risk damaging the headliner even more.
This is applicable to any plastic, leather, or cloth surfaces. So it just highly depends on the current condition of your interior!
If you think your interior might need this level of service, simply fill out the form below and let us know the current condition it’s in!

Restorative Interior Cleaning FAQ

How long does this service take to complete?

It depends on the condition of your car. Generally speaking, it can take 4 to 8 hour to complete and we would need the car for a full day to complete. We can give you a more accurate timeline once we see the condition.

Are my seats and carpet going to be drenched in water?

Absolutely not! Even though we’re doing multiple passes with our hot water extractor, by the time you get your vehicle back, 90% of the interior will be dry. So you don’t have to worry about waiting hours (or days) for your interior to dry out.

Will this remove the odor out of my interior?

Depending on the type of odor, it may require its own dedicated odor removal treatment. However, a lot of times, with this type of cleaning, it can reduce the odor in the interior since we’re deep cleaning all of the surfaces. Once we inspect it in person, we can give you more accurate information.

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