The Love For Dogs And Their Mess

Are you an avid dog lover? If you are, or at least own a dog, you know how much joy and fun they can bring into your life. 

A joyous dog is always waiting for you to get home for play time. At the same time, the other part that you’re going to deal with is the drool, dog hair, and other mess your dogs bring along 🙂 

Even so, we put up with it since owning a dog and going through the trouble of keeping up with the mess is worth the fun and joy dogs bring. 

So in this blog post, I’m going to cover a few things you can do to prevent a mess happening in your car and in your home. 

These tips will be very simple and easy to do. There’s no point in me telling you to do some advance or hard tips if it’s going to take a lot of time, energy, and possibly money to get done. 

Keep Most Of The Dog Hair In One Area 

For one, you should brush your dogs hair at least three times a week. If possible, it should be a lot more times than that per week. 

Dogs shed a lot of hair, depending on the type of dog that you have, some more than others. If you can knock off the lose hair before they start running and jumping around the house, the amount of hair that’s going to fall onto the ground is much lower. 

All you’ll need for this is a dog brush which you can get for anywhere between $10 to $20. Make sure you get the right brush for your type of dog. 

The next thing I would recommend is getting your dog a dedicated bed to sleep. That way most of the hair will fall in one main area instead of having your dog move from night to night. 

This same concept can be applied when you’re going to take your dog out on a ride. Brush their hair before they get into the car! 

Sweep And Vacuum Frequently 

I think I sweep about twice a day, everyday. It’s simply what it calls for when you have a dog that sheds a lot. 

Sure I could probably do it once a day, but I’d rather keep in under control instead of waiting till there’s a heavy layer of dog hair on the ground. 

The more frequent you sweep, the faster it will be to finish since there won’t be that much hair to sweep off the ground. So this should only take you a bit of time depending the size of your house. 

But better to sweep a little bit now then to take a lot longer when the hair is built up everywhere. 

If you have carpet or sofa that your dogs get on, the same concept applies to those. You need to vacuum it up as frequently as you can so it doesn’t get out of hand. 

Especially if it’s on your sofa or carpeting that can get tangled very easily and be difficult to take out after a while. 

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