Professional Mobile Detailers Serving The Heights

Over 100 5-star reviews. Offering interior and exterior services

As of November 2023, mobile availability is very limited. We primarily work at our detail shop.

Get your care, truck, or boat properly taken care of with our professional detailing services in The Heights. We can work on your vehicle whether you’re at your home, office, or work location. 

Don’t just take it from us. Read the 100+ reviews from our customers

Whether you need your interior deep cleaning, your headlights restored, or want more shine and protection, we can handle your detailing needs.

"Contacted R3 Auto Detailing after seeing all the great reviews. I recently purchased a vehicle and had the windshield replaced. The company that replaced my windshield was very careless and left hard water stain along the side panels. I contacted R3 and his communication throughout the process was incredible. Amazing customer service! He came to my house to work on my vehicle. This was so convenient as I have 3 kids and waiting at a car Detailer would have been crazy. Oscar took his time on my vehicle and it shows. He was also able to remove some deep stains from my husbands vehicle as well in the matter of minutes. Thank you so much for all your hard work and customer service. I truly appreciate it! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND R3 for detailing!!!"
- Kandice E.

We Can Go To You

As mobile detailers, we offer services all across Houston and surrounding areas. If you’d like to schedule your appointment in a separate part of town, we can do that. Here are some of the areas we frequent:

Don’t see your area on here?  No worries! Just ask to confirm if we service your part of town. We always do our best to accommodate our customers. 

There’s no mobile fee to go out to you, but based on how far your are, we might require a minimum price for us to go out to you. 

Additionally, based on the services you need, we also have a detail shop located in Tomball where we can do more extensive work.

Our Popular Detailing Services

Full Interior Cleaning: The goal is to clean your interior back to the best condition possible. We’ll clean the floor mats, door panels, center console, headliner, seats, etc. We’ll open up all the compartments and get into all the nooks and crannies to give your car a like-new feel (view the full gallery here).

Wash and Wax: Want to add more shine and protection to your paint? This is a great option. Your paint will be super slick and shiny once we’re done (view the gallery here).

Headlight Restoration: Do you have foggy and hazy headlights? This can make your car look less appealing and have an impact at your nighttime visibility. We’ll wet-sand, compound, polish, and protect your headlights back to like-new condition. 

Engine Cleaning: Whether you just purchased the vehicle or you want to sell it, an engine cleaning will bring life to your care. We’ll thoroughly clean the engine bay, completely dry it, and then dress all plastic and vinyl material to make it shine (view the gallery here).

Based on the size, condition, and service, we’ll use a wide range of tools, products, and techniques to get the job done.

We have an in-depth Q&A page about our services you can read.

Frequently Asked Questions

What else do you need to get the job done?
All we need is access to your vehicle and enough space to work. Other than that, we’re all set to go. Our mobile van is fully equipped with a pressure washer, water tank, generator, and everything else we need.

Unfortunately, our van is too big to fit into most parking garages. So if you live in an apartment complex, we’ll need to find an open area we can work in the parking lot.

Can you detail my car at my job?
For the most part we can. It depends on the type of service you want and your location. For instance, if you work in the Medical Center, there’s not much open space around there. We’ll have to find a spot where we can actually work. In other business parks, there might be a problem depending on property management. Sometimes they allow detailers  to work there, sometimes they don’t. 

Do I need to be there for the entire detail?
Not at all. For your convenience, you can be there when we get started, when we’re finishing the detail, or not be there at all. We can plan accordingly with you to make sure the process goes smoothly. Many customers leave us the keys so we can get started on our own and you can arrive afterwards. Or you can not be there at all and just pay online. 

The primary thing we need is access to your vehicle. So if there’s someone that can give us the keys, leave the garage open, have the car in the driveway, or leave the keys somewhere for us to grab, we can go ahead and get started.

Do I have to schedule an appointment for a mobile detailing service?
90% of the time, we’re by appointment only. Every now and then, we’ll be able to get you in the same day or next day. It just depends on the workload for that week. Houston traffic gets very heavy to move across town last minute.

We get asked a lot, “How many days in advance do you need to schedule an appointment?” It really depends. Sometimes it maybe two weeks before our next appointment. Other times it can be the very next day.

What form of payment do you accept?
You can pay by cash or card, whichever you prefer. Most customers pay card which is absolutely fine with us.
We’ll accept payment once we’re done with the job and you’re happy with the results.
That being said, if you need to leave before the job is completed, you’ll pay then. We can also send you an online invoice to pay online.