Are There Certifications or Courses For Auto Detailers?

At this current time, the detailing world does not have a standardized certificate or credentials you need to start your own car detailing business

Unlike auto mechanics or other type of trades where you need to be certified and go to a trade school, anyone who buys a bucket and soap can call themselves an auto detailer. 

I’ve herd many detailers be opposed of there being no standardized testing since it “diminishes” they’re personal value of being a detailer. 

This blog post is only to express my personal opinion on the matter and what I’d like to see happen for the auto detailing industry. 

Regardless Of Courses, Classes, or Certificates, There Will Be No Standard 

Have you ever taken your vehicle to be serviced by a mechanic? More certain than not, you have. You’ve also probably taken your vehicle to multiple mechanics over the years. 

Was there a difference between the two? The answer is most likely yes. 

Just because someone gets certified by a trade school or they attend a specific type of training doesn’t mean they automatically be a better technician

I’ve seen more than enough auto mechanics become ASE and when they finally start working in an auto shop or dealership, you wonder how they even got the job in the first place. 

Customer That Pay For Detailing Services Won’t Know About It

The next topic people love to talk about is it will add credibility to yourself when speaking with potential customers. You can look more like a “legitimate” detailer that truly wants to provide an exceptional service to their clients. 

I personally disagree with that statement as there are a lot of  factors that play into this role. First off, I have never had a customer ask me about any certificates or if I’ve gone through any training- ever. 

Second, ASE has been around since I can remember for auto mechanics. Yet, most consumers have no idea what being ASE certified even means. So how is the detailing industry as a whole going to educate consumers on the significance of a detailing certificate? 

I highly doubt they will. 

It Really Doesn’t Matter

At the end of things, we as auto detailers are here for one reason; to solve a customers problem with their vehicle. 

Whether it be they have a stain in their interior, a hose line splattered fluids everywhere in the engine, or they need to get their car prepped for a car show. 

If a detailer posses the skills and knowledge to provide a solution, what all else matters to the customer? 

The same applies to an auto mechanic, A/C & plumbing tech, and so forth… If we have a problem and we know a friend has the solution, even knowing they never went to school for it, we will still let them fix our problem. 

Of course, this comes from previous hands-on experience and training, but the fact is still there. You can have someone go through some type of training and testing, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to do quality work once they get into the real world. 


My final thoughts are it shouldn’t happened. As I shared in a previous blog post, I dropped out of college my second semester, so my opinion wasn’t hard to predict 😛 

But even so, detail certifications won’t produce enough value to detailers or customers to go through that whole process. It’s only going to add more headaches, complications, and regulations we’ll have to follow. 

If someone has the knowledge and skill set to complete a specific type of job, regardless if they went trough “proper” training programs, then it simply shouldn’t matter. Of course, you wouldn’t take this to the extreme and say no industry needs standardized training and certificates, that would be a problem 🙂

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