Mobile Detailing Service Areas

R3 Auto Detailing Serves the Greater Houston and surrounding areas

As of November 2023, mobile availability is very limited. We primarily work at our detail shop.

Need a Detailer To Come To Your Home, Office, or Work Location?

For 10 years, R3 Auto Detailing has provided quality services all across Houston. From interior deep cleanings, headlight restorations, or intensive paint correction and ceramic coating services. We can help with your detailing needs. We service the following areas:

A few fun facts about Houston:

  • Texas medical center is the the largest medical center in the world
  • Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the country, with 145 different languages spoken by its residents.
  • The Astrodome was the first-ever dome stadium to be built in the world
  • Houston is the fourth largest city in America