How Do I Take Care Of My Fleet Of Vans

Do you own a business that has a fleet of vans or trucks? A main concern that I always here mangers and business owners talk about is maintaining the vehicles appearance throughout the week.

As in, making sure the truck or van does not get covered in dirt mud and that it stays presentable throughout the week serving customers and clients.

For instance, A/C and plumbing, mobile pet grooming, carpet cleaning, etc.. A lot of these service-based business drive around all day throughout the city (where potential customers see them) and serving clients at their home or other location.

If you own a construction company, then having clean trucks isn’t going to be much of a problem for you since you’re not going to deal with customers.

But if you’re like one of the businesses I listed above and you want to maintain your trucks and vans so they can look presentable throughout the week, keep on reading…

Before The Shift Ends, Pass By A Local Car Wash

I know scheduling can be rather hectic, but if possible, when the technician or worker is returning back to the warehouse, make room in the day to stop by a local car wash.

It should only take 30 minutes max to get you in and out depending on how busy the car wash is doing that time. Or if possible, make an appointment to drop off the van so you can get there and they can immediately start cleaning your work vehicle.

A lot of the high-volume car washes offer a monthly subscription at a discounted price. It’d be great to have one of those on each of your van so the workers can easily stop by there once or twice a week as needed and get the outside of the car taken care of.

Hire A Maintenance Car Wash Crew After You Close

The biggest problem businesses have is they need the vans and work trucks running all day. So if they take time out of the day to simple get them clean, they’re going to be loosing out on money.

The next best thing you can do find a detailing company that offers services late enough to clean all the work trucks and vans once you have closed down shop.

That way all the vans and trucks will be at the warehouse and the detailing maintenance crew can take care of all of them at once without delaying any time during operational hours.

It may be a bit difficult to find a detailing crew that will offer that type of service, but I’m sure with a little bit of searching you’ll find a great solution.

Or you can have an employee stay after the business has closed to take the vehicles one-by-one to the local car wash.


It may seem like a lot of work depending on your location and the type of business that you have, but if you want to look presentable at all times to your current and potential customers, then you have to find a way to do so.

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