How Many Time Should I Wash My Car Per Month?

Unlike changing your oil, where after a certain amount of miles it’s recommended to change your oil and oil filter, there’s no recommendation on how many times you should wash your car to maintain your paint. 

Because your paint may also have a lifespan as well. If you don’t take care of it, if you leave it out in the sun or bad weather, then in a couple years, you could have your clear coat peeling off. 

So wanting to figure out how many times you should wash your car per month is a valid question! Hopefully with this article, you’ll be clear on how many times you should wash your car. 

How Do You Drive Your Car? 

I don’t mean how fast you drive your car or anything like that. What I mean is, do you drive your car to work? If so, how long is the commute? Do you live in an area where a bunch of dirt, dust, and industrial fallout is in the air? 

It’s pretty obvious, but the more you drive your car- and depending where you drive- will dictate how many times you should wash your car per month. 

For instances, if you work 10 minutes away from your home, and when you get to work you leave your car in a garage, then the chances of your car getting dirty fast is pretty low. As compared to someone who lives 45 minutes away from home and leaves their car outside where rain, sun, dust, bird poo, and bugs can touch the car. 

If you do a lot of driving, I suggest a minimum of washing your car two times a month. Commonly people will wash their car at the end of week 1, and the beginning of week 2. 

How Clean Do You Want Your Car To Be? 

Maintaining your car clean also comes down to a personal preference. Although I’m sure we’d all love to have our car clean 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I don’t think that’s realistic. We have work, personal hobbies, and such to attend to, so prioritizing washing your car probably is going to be amongst the highest on the to-do list. 

So if you simply cannot seeing your car dirty, you can always go through the touch-less car washes two to three times a week. That way you only allow your car to get minimally dirty before taking it through the car wash. 

And with the touch-less car wash being so affordable, there’s no reason why this couldn’t be a valid option for some. What would be even better is if once a month, you got an actual car wash so that can be the main wash to remove all the gunk, and then the touch-less car washes can be for maintenance. 

On the other hand, if you drive a work truck and work in the field construction, then you probably aren’t going to care much about the truck (but I could be wrong about that) and will let it get pretty dirty over several week to even months. 

My Main Recommendation 

You always want to wash your car at least a minimum of one time per month. Even a week can be enough time to get your car really dirty, but at least under a month you’ll be able to maintain it to some level. 

If you wait two months to wash your car and then five months to wash it again, you could potentially leave bugs, bird poo, or water spots that can permanently damage your paint. Which will end up costing you time and money. 

Washing your car comes down to a personal preference. Once, twice, maybe three times? Find out here…

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