You’re Wheels Will Get The Dirtiest The Fastest- Here’s Why

Have you ever noticed that after you clean your wheels and wash your car, it’s only a few days until your car’s wheels are back to the same condition? 

Is it because you’re not cleaning them good enough? Is there something that you’re missing? 

Well, for the most part, you’re not doing anything wrong. Most of the gunk on your wheels will be dirt and brake dust. 

Some cars have it worse than others. For instance, Mercedes and BMWs are infamous for the amount of break dust that they release onto the wheels. You could spend an hour cleaning the wheels. A few hours later, they could probably be completely covered in brake dust again.

How You Can Reduce The Amount Of Brake Dust On Your Wheels

If you do like to keep your wheels nice and clean, the best bet that you can do is protect your wheels. You’d pretty much add a clear coat on top of the wheels so that most of the brake dust that lands on the wheel will slip right off, or at least make it much easier to clean when the time comes for it.

You can either wax your wheels, add a sealant, or if you really want to go with the strongest and most durable option on the market, coat your wheels.

Each one will have a different length of duration on your wheels. Some wheels will heat up more than others from the brake system, so if you have a wax on your wheels, the likely hood of it lasting a long time is minimal.

On the other hand, if you apply a coating to them, they’re meant to take the most beating. So you’ll see a MUCH longer lifetime use with a coating. But of course the pricing (regardless if you’re doing it yourself or paying someone to do it) will be more expensive.

The benefits Of Protecting Your Wheels

Once you protect your wheels, they’ll be MUCHHH easier to clean through the weeks and months. Without the protection on them, you’d have to spray the wheel cleaner and agitate the wheels until they were completely clean. 

With the wheel protection, more specifically the wheel coating, you can even sometimes just pressure washer the wheels and most of the brake dust will come off. So then you’ll just have to lightly agitate the wheels until they’re nice and clean. 

Since they’re easier to clean, the time it takes you to clean the wheels will be decreased. You’ll be able to achieve the same results with less time. Sound like a win to me! 

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