How To Check If Your Car Still Has Wax

Have you ever applied a wax to your car and wondered a few weeks later if it’s still on there? It’s pretty hard to guess since it’s clear. There’s no sign or meter that you can buy that will measure the amount of wax that’s on your car. 

So then how do you even know if you have wax on it? Should you apply another coat? Will your paint be ruined if it goes a few weeks without one? 

No worries, all those questions will be answered. Hopefully after reading this article, you’ll have a solid understanding of what you need to do to check if you still have wax. 

Does Your Car Still Look Shiny?

If you didn’t perform paint correction on your car before applying the wax, aka removing the swirls and scratches, then you’re car probably looked much shinier once you applied the wax.

This is going to kind of depend on the paint that your car has, but you get the paint. If you could see the noticeable difference when you first applied the wax, and now, you still see the shine (or you don’t see the shine) then that will be one way of checking if you still have wax on your car. 

If you still have shine= wax is still there
If you no longer see the shine= wax is no longer there

Does The Water Roll Off? 

Have you driven in the rain recently? Or had any type of water hit the paint? If so and the paint had wax on it, then much the rain or water would have rolled off the paint instead of sitting on it. 

Or if it did sit on your paint, you should see the water in tiny droplets of water. Pretty much you’ll individual drops from one another. Almost the same size drop throughout the whole panel. 

How Long Ago Did You Apply It? 

You can also go with a bit of knowledge and common sense. How long ago did you apply the wax to your car? Not only that, but you have to take into consideration your driving conditions and the weather condition that you live in. 

If you keep your car in the garage 80% of the time and you waxed your car 2 months ago, there’s still a chance that your paint has wax on it. On the other hand, if you waxed your car 30 days ago and you leave your car in the hot sun 80% of the time, there will also be a chance that your wax has evaporated. 

It all depends on your conditions. 

What You Can Do 

If at al possible, the best thing you can do is simply set yourself on a maintenance plan where you’ll wax your car every 45 days or such to make sure you always have a nice coat of wax on your car. That way your car will look nice and have the protection it needs. 

That way bug guts, bird poo, or rain will not cause, or at least will be reduced, of the amount of damage that could happen. 

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