Can You Clean A Cigarette Burn?

Do you or one of your friends or family members smoke a lot in the car while you’re driving? Than it’s probably not a surprise that at one point in time, a cigarette made it’s way to touching the headliner, coach, or floor mat, causing a burnt spot in the fabric. 

It see it all the time, and because it is an eye sore, many people will depend on a detailer to clean it up. 

Unfortunately, to keep things simple, you cannot fix a cigarette burn from the interior. In this article, I’m going to explain why that is and what you can do about it. 

Perhaps Minimize, But Not Remove 

At this point, the cigarette burn has not only stained the fabric, but is has damaged it. The fibers of the fabric are burnt off, and as much cleaning a detailer can do to make it look better, it’s still going to be visible. 

There’s only so much magic a detailer can do to make your interior look better. Cleaning cigarette burns is definitely not one of them. So when you go out to clean the burnt stain or if you hire a detailer to do it for you, don’t expect for a miracle. 

You need to set your expectation right for the end result that you’re going to get. 

A Costly Alternative 

If you truly cannot take the eyesore of the stain, you can always have someone (or yourself) completely remove and install a new interior part. So let’s say it was the headliner, you can have a completely new headliner installed for you. 

If it’s on leather, you can call a leather expert to come out and perhaps repair it for you. You can sometimes get near perfect matchup with the leather color, but I’m not entirely sure on that process. I wouldn’t know what’s going to work and what’s not going tow work. 

What You Need To Do

Whichever route you decide to go with, the best bet would be to stop smoking in the car. I know that can be a big deal for some, but you’re always going to be making your car dirty if you don’t stop. Not only that, but you’re also creating more time for yourself when you start to clean your interior. 

It’s a pretty strong habit to break, so it definitely won’t be easy getting use to. But if you want to stop stinking up your interior, it’s about one of the only good ways to go about it.

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