How Much Does It Cost For A New Paint Job?

Are you wondering if your car needs a new paint job? Perhaps you’re tired of seeing a dull and somewhat lifeless paint of yours, so you’re browsing the internet for some information on the process of getting your car repainted and of course the price of it all.

In this blog post, I’m going to cover the general points of the process and cost to get your car repainted, as well as, showing you different options you can take based off your car’s condition.

Because I’ve seen it a lot of times that you may not need a new paint job just to bring your car’s paint back to life. How? It can be as simple as applying wax or taking it a step further by buffing out the swirls and scratches from the paint.

The Cost of Repaint Your Car

First things first, the price you pay for this type of job is going to be highly dependent on what shop you take it to and what your end expectations are with the vehicle.

The price and quality is going to change from shop to shop. So this information will no be definite by any means.

For starters, you have to take into consideration the size of your car. That’s going to be the most  basic thing you can factor in when you want to get it repainted. If you’re driving a little coupe compared to a big SUV, you can already guess ones going to be much cheaper than the other.

A paint job price can range between $1,000 to $15,000. As you can imagine, the lower end of that price range tends to be much lower quality. The paint will be uneven, poor prep work, missed spots, careless mistakes, etc…

If you have the money, I’d only suggest to go with a paint job that’s around $7,000 and above. Anything else and the results won’t be as desired.

The Added Cost

This also is not including the time it takes to complete the job. Do you need a car to get to work? Pick up your kids? Go grocery shopping?

Now you’ll have to factor in the price of a vehicle. The paint shop will give you an estimate of when the car will be complete, but things can always change and the time can be pushed back for weeks. Meaning you’ll end up paying more money for a rental (if that’s the route you choose).

The Alternative Option

So what can you do different that isn’t going to cost thousands of dollars and weeks of driving or renting someone else’s car? That would be applying a wax to your car or paint correction (assuming your paint is still in a salvageable condition).

Paint correction is removing the swirls and scratches from your paint. Those imperfections are what cause your paint to look chalky and faded. Once you remove those imperfections to get a flat surface on the paint, your paint will be shinning like never before!

The only thing is if your car has lost its clear coat, there’s nothing else you can do except get a paint job. A clear coat is what gives it the shine. If you don’t have that, paint correction cannot happen.

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