Different Between Foam Gun and Foam Cannon

Are you stuck between using a foam cannon or a foam gun to wash your car? Or maybe you’re kind of lost on which one you’re suppose to use? Regardless, I’ll explain everything you need to know to make sure you are on track! 

I was also lost when I first got into detailing on this type of subject. So I’d be more than glad to show you what you need to know to clarify everything for you! 

Using a foam cannon or a foam gun is a really helpful tool when you have a really dirty car or when you’re washing your car in the cold and you want to try your best to not touch the car, aka a touch-less wash. 

Foam Cannon 

A foam cannon is used when you have a pressure washer. Each foam cannon will be a bit different in terms of the fittings that you’ll need to fit your pressure washer. 

It’s definitely not a one size fits all approach. There are different manufactures for different foam funs and pressure washers. Of course, the price will completely vary as a pressure washer can run between $100 to $900 and a foam cannon can range between $20 to $80 (not including the fittings you need to buy). 

So it sure isn’t a cheap alternative, although I’m sure if you look enough online you can find some great deals on both. 

If you live in an apartment complex or in an area that does not allow for water runoff, then using a pressure washer with a foam gun is not going to be the option for you. 

Foam Gun

A foam gun is used with your typical garden hose. There are no special fittings required as long as the garden hose and foam cannon outlet both fit properly. You can always buy a quick release (this also applies for the foam cannon) so you don’t have to screw in the gun every single time.

Instead, you can simply pull and insert with the quick release.

From what I’ve seen, a foam gun can run between $20 to $60, but that’s about all you’re going to need to get started. It’s much and faster to get going with the foam gun.

Which One Is Better?   

As  mentioned earlier in the post, if you live in a city with water restrictions or in an apartment complex, you may not be able to use either as they’ll both use up a lot of water. 

You have to decide how much money you want to spend on these items. If you simply want to use this to wash your car or even prep you car for paint correction, then I’ll tell you right now that it truly isn’t a necessity by any means. 

It’s nice and fun to have, but nothing will change if you use it or not. 

The foam cannon linked to the pressure washer will have a thicker spray and will stay on the car a lot longer than what the foam gun will be able to do. The foam gun will be much more thin and will roll off the car as there’s a lot of water mixed in with the soap with not a lot of pressure. 


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