Is Detailing Your Car Engine Good or Bad?

Did you change your oil and realize that your engine is a bit messy? I’m sure there’s dry leaves around the wiper blades, dust and dirt covering just about every square inch of the engine, and a few oil stains or leaks on the hoses. 

You know what? That’s just about 99% of every car that you’ll see on the road, believe it or not. Since we only check and look at our engine when there’s something wrong with it or when it’s time to change the oil, we don’t really give it any attention on how dirty it gets. 

Which is completely understandable. As the old adage goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

In this article, I’ll share with you if it’s good or bad- or perhaps the pros and cons- of cleaning and detailing your engine bay.

Will The Engine Be Damaged?

The answer is yes and no.

If you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t apply common sense, then yes, you can definitely destroy your engine. If you take the time to read and learn the proper skills and use the proper tools, then no, you won’t destroy your engine.

I’ve cleaned dozens and dozens and dozens of engines and I have never had a problem with any of them. Is it because I’m lucky? Am I the worlds greatest engine detailer? Not by a long shot.

The only thing that I do is take the necessary precautions to make sure I don’t damage anything. Which means I prepare myself and the car for success.  

The Good (Pros)

The reason you should clean your car engine is pretty simple: 

  1. Every time you open your hood, your engine will be clean and brand-new looking (you can also show it off to your friends and family) 
  2. When it comes time to change your oil or diagnose a problem, you won’t get as dirty. 

Trust me, once you’ve detailed your engine (or have payed someone to do it for you) and it’s looking amazing, you’ll want to start showing it off to everybody. They’ll think it’s a brand new motor that was put in. 

But realistically, all it is is a good cleaning 🙂 

This is especially true if you’re a car enthusiast that hangs around other car guys/girls. When it’s time for the local car shows, hanging with your buds, or going for a cruise, your car and engine will stand above many others that didn’t take the time (or completely forgot about it) to detail their engine bay. 

Next, unless you’re a full-time mechanic, you for the most part don’t want to get your hands, arms, shirt, and face dirty when you open your hood. Or perhaps you’re simply looking for a small leak somewhere and instead of wiping all the hoses down, you can simply take a quick glance and point out a leak. 

The Only Bad Thing 

Honestly, the only negative thing that can come out of this is you destroy your engine due to not following the proper steps for a proper engine cleaning. 

I know a lot of believe that any water that touches the engine will result in destruction. Which is far from the truth. Most modern day car have water-seals everything. You’re for the most part going to clean plastic and a few metal parts. 

So if you are worried about any damage that you could do to it, it’s best to either leave it alone entirely, or hire someone to detail your vehicle.

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