Leather Cleaning, Good or Bad?

The interior of your car is going to see the most ware and tear compared to other parts of the car. It’s probably obvious since you’re always getting in and out, putting your groceries in the back seats, and driving with friends, coworkers, or family.

If you bought your car new, you’ve probably seen a difference between the color that you see now on your seats and how the seats looked when you first bought it.

For instance, if you have white leather seats, they now probably look a bit brownish or gray with a hint of shine to them. Typically from what I’ve seen after cleaning so many interiors, people like to wait for years before they clean their interior.

Which it shouldn’t be that way- but getting your interior cleaned isn’t going to be a priority amongst other things you need to pay for and get done.

Can You Damage Leather Car Seats By Cleaning Them?

Yes, you most certainly can damage your leather seats if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you don’t know what you’re doing with just about anything can always go bad.

If you use an impact gun to remove your wheels but never used it before you can brake off your lug nuts. If you use a scissors to cut your hair, your hair will look terrible. But those tools in the hands of the right person can be very beneficial.

I know it seems obvious, I’m just trying to get my point across here.

The main way you’ll damage your seats is by cleaning to hard.

Your leather seats have a protective coating over them. If you use too hard of a brush or agitate the seat with the brush to long and you can clean the protective coating right off. You’ll then be cleaning the actual hyde of the color. Which will look very obvious to the eye.

The Benefit Of Cleaning Leather Seats

An obvious reason is your seats will look like-new again. You’ll get that new car feel again without having to pay for a new car 😛

It’s kind of like a trip back to the past when you first bought your car and you were in awe of how clean it was. I’ve seen so many customers just light up when they see that their trashed mini-van looks like it’s brand-spankin new.

Another reason is you’ll get rid of the gunk and germs from the interior. I’ve seen all kinds of gunk in the interior, so depending on what you or your family or what your friends do, is what will be in your car.

For instance, if you’re a mechanic and you go to lunch with your co-workers in your car, you’re most likely going to bring in a lot of dirt, grease, oil, and fluids into the car. All those germs and nastiness will be on the door panels, seats, steering wheel, and arm rests.

Now if you have kids, they’ll most likely be touching all those nasty areas. As kids are, they’ll touch all those areas while they’re eating food. Meaning they are putting all those germs back into their mouth. Not good!

So a thorough interior cleaning will remove most of all the gunk and sanitize your interior so the car can have a fresh start again 🙂

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