Should I Wash My Car In The Winter?

When it the sun is blazing and the weather is nice outside, one of the most common things people to do is wash their cars.

It’s the perfect scenario to have fun while getting something done. However, when the winter times roll around, it seems as though a huge percentage of people completely dismiss the idea of washing their car.

It makes sense, it’s a lot more difficult to wash your car in the winter without getting colder. In some cities, the weather can drop to 20 degrees, which can make it an absolute pain, hassle, and challenge to wash their car.

Wash It At Least Once A Month

I’m going agree with you and say washing your car while it’s cold is a pain. But the job must be done, at least washing your car once a month would be great.

You can either look at the weather forecast and try and wash your car when the temperature is at the highest so you can somewhat minimize how cold you get.

At least once a month is a great option because you won’t let the car get too dirty and grimey. Of course, your car will have a lot of dirt and debris, but during the winter time, once wash a month is a great schedule.

Prepare Yourself First

One of the main concerns people have is that they’re going to be super cold while washing their car- especially the hands and feet since that’s where you’ll make contact with the water the most.

But a great way to almost eliminate the water entirely is prepping yourself correctly for the cold wash. If possible, you could get water proof shoes so that water does not enter your shoes as you’re washing your car.

That way you don’t have to worry about all the water that you’re dropping on the ground and you can walk right over it. You can also buy a nice set of weather gloves and then buy some nitrile gloves to put over your weather gloves.

And the best tip would be to fill up your water buckets with warm water! Make sure before heading outside that you take your wash bucket in the kitchen and fill it up with hot water (make sure you don’t burn yourself while doing this).

Use The Hose Water As Little As Possible

If you have the typical garden hose setup, it’s most likely your spigot does not have cold and warm setting on it (I sure wish mine did). So obviously the water is going to come out super cold. This is what you want to avoid using the most.

How so? Well only spray the car when you absolutely need to like when you’re cleaning the wheels and tires. And when you do actually spray the car, make sure you use it on a light setting so the pressure of the water doesn’t come splattering back to your face and you feel the coldness.

With typical car wash soaps, they will create suds which will require to rinse off the paint. If you wanted to avoid that problem, you can buy a rinseless wash solution like ONR that does not require you to rinse off your car after you’ve washed it (what I personally use the most).

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