Are My Leather Car Seats Dirty?

Did you buy a brand-new car with leather seats and noticed that after several months, the leather isn’t the same as it looked when you bought it?

If your leather seats were white, then it has a bit of a grayish-dark sheen to it. Or if your leather seats are black, they look a tad bit gray and dull.

Overtime, the more you drive your car, the more prone it is to getting it dirty. In this article, I’m going to cover the ways you actually get your car dirty and ways to minimize (because it’s hard to completely avoid this) the amount of dirt that you get on in it.

Food, And Liquids

Are you the type of driver that brings in the food and liquids and sometimes eat and drinks them while you drive? Well just imagine, you may have a lot of grease on your hands, and as your touching the leather seats each time you’re getting in and out of the car.

A few times isn’t going to make a huge difference, but if you continually touch your car seats with greasy hands, it’s eventually going to do its damage on your seat.

The same thing goes with liquids. You can easily spill drops of liquids little-by-little throughout the car. Although it doesn’t seem like a big deal to have one little drop touch the seat, imagine having that happen for the course of 6-months.

It will turn into an obvious problem to see.

The best advice here would be to not eat and drink in your car. Which I know that’s hard to do sometimes, so at least try to either minimize the amount of food and drinks you take into your car, or at least be more careful of what you touch.

Your Sweat Is A Problem

If you enter your car with either sweaty clothes or perhaps your skin is in contact with the seats and your sweating, that will stay on the leather seat and dry.

This is most noticeable on the front edge of the seat since that’s where your legs put the most pressure and on the arm rest (or wherever you rest your arm) while you drive. Those areas will be effected the most from it.

Obviously it’s a bit hard to not get sweat on your leather seats other than taking a shower or changing clothes. But what you can do is either bring a dry and clean towel or shirt that you can put under your legs and arm rest.

This by no means is a full-proof alternative, but it will help in minimizing all the sweat that will get on the leather.

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