Proper Car Drying, You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

Let me guess, after you’ve washed your car and it comes time to dry your car, you go into your bathroom and get a white fluffy towel to dry off your car. Does that sound about right?

When I started washing my car, that’s the first thing that I did. For a while I thought I was doing it right. A towel is to dry our body, so why wouldn’t work for a car, I thought.

However, after I did some research, I quickly found out that I was doing it completely wrong. And that I was actually (micro) damaging my paint!

So in this blog post, I’m going to share with you a few different ways to dry your car.

The Bath Towel Is Not The Option

Although the bath towel is readily available, it is not what you want to use to dry your vehicle. The fibers of the towel are far too aggressive for the soft clear coat on your car, in return, the bath towels is making micro-scratches to your paint.

What do those micro-scratches do to your paint? Well, have you ever seen a car that was once really bright? And then a few months later the car looks dull and lifeless? Well that’s the work of thousands and thousands of micro-swirls and scratches in your paint. The more you have of them, the more dull and faded your paint will look.

So although you are drying your car, you are doing a bit more damage to the paint that will affect it in the long-run.

The Proper Alternative To Drying Your Car

If you go to your local auto parts store, you’ll see there’s a lot of drying towels, such as chamois and microfibers, for sale. Those towels will be better suited instead of using a bath towel. However, if you want to take it a step further and are willing to spend a little bit more money for a quality drying towel, you’d want to go to an online site like

You can find much higher quality drying towels that will not add micro-scratches to your paint. But like I mentioned, they do cost more and you have to take care of them better. You can’t just throw them in the corner of your garage collecting dust once you’re done with it. since it’s higher quality, you have to wash it properly and store it properly.

There’s More Than Drying

Using a quality drying towel is only one part of the equation to proper car care. If you’re going to invest in a quality drying towel but not in quality wash mitt and soap, then the towel kind of becomes irrelevant.

You might as well continue to use the bath towel since it’s not going to make much difference one way or another because there’s still a flaw in your process.

This is going to come down as personal preference. How do you want to take care of your car? Do you just want to wash it so it doesn’t look dirty? Or do you want to take proper care of it so it looks brand-spankin new every single day for the next five years?

It will come down to the amount of time you’re willing to invest (or you can always pay a detailer to maintain it for you) and the amount of money you’d want to spend on it.

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