One Of The Biggest Myths About The Rain and “Free” Car Wash

These pasts couple of weeks have been rainy in Houston. From what I see on the news channels, its been said that we’ll see one of the wettest winters in Houston. I like the cold- the rain I can do without, but I sure don’t mind it either.

But there is a bit of a big misconception that people have when it rains. People sometimes wait around for weeks for rain so they can get a “free car wash.”

Well I’d hate to break it to you, but when it rains, it does almost nothing to clean your car… At least anything worth talking about.

Let me explain….

Rain Doesn’t Wash Your Car

To put it simple, the rain doesn’t have enough pressure to knock off any dirt or debris that’s on your car. Even if you took a cheap pressure washer and sprayed it directly to your car it wouldn’t take off half the dirt.

And because you let the rain dry on the car, it’s actually creating water spots that can potentially etch into your clear coat ?. Which could lead to even more damage that will take more work to recover (something you don’t want to go through). 

So don’t wait till it rains to wash your car…. Not much is going to happen. At least not enough to make it worth your wild. 

I’m Not Going To Wash My Car Until The Rain Passes

Another thought people have is that they shouldn’t wash their car if it’s going to rain the next couple days. Which by all means it is a justified reason, but the more you wait to wash your car, the dirtier it will get

Just think about it, if you finished exercising for an hour today and knew you were going to exercise for another hour tomorrow, would you not take a shower today? Of course not (I hope not), because you need to stay clean and healthy. 

The same thing can be applied to your car- if it’s important enough to you. Sometimes we have other priorities that we need to focus on and its simply something we can’t do at the moment- I get it. 

But my thought is the more frequently you wash your car, the less work you’ll have to do since you didn’t let it get to the point where it was realllllllyy dirty. On the other hand, the more you wait, the more your car will get dirty, the longer you’ll take to completely wash and clean it.


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