Does The Type Of Tools and Products Matter For Detailing?

Whether you’re going to start your own business, want to detail your car in the driveway, or doing research before you take your car to a detailer, people always think about the type of products that are used for detailing. 

It makes sense, every detailer (or if you’re getting into detailing) will need to have certain products and tools to get the job done. So the main question is always, “What type of products do you use?” 

If you go to your local auto parts store or visit an online store like AutoGeek or DetailImage, you’ll quickly see there are hundreds and thousands of choices to choose from, ranging in different sizes and prices. 

But the real question is does it really matter? Let’s find out.. 

What Are You Using It For? 

If you’re looking to buy products so your son or daughter can wash your car on a weekend, then it probably wouldn’t matter that they have the top-of-the line car soap, wash mitt, and drying towel. 

You could easily go to your local auto parts store and simply spend about $30 for all the products that you need. 

On the other hand, if you wanted to detail your car for a car show coming up, then spending $30 on a few products is not going to give you the tools necessary to really detail your car and get amazing results. 

So instead of going to the local auto parts store, you’d probably want to go to an online website like AutoGeek to find various tools and products to meet your needs- especially if you’re going to frequently detail your car.

There’s A Happy Middle

You do have to balance out the quality of products that buy. Let’s say you don’t want the typical products a local auto parts store (which are typically on the cheaper-not-as-effective side of things) so you look on an online website. 

Well you will find much better products online that can either work more efficiently, give you better results, or last longer- compared to the auto parts choices. However, once you keep on going up in quality and price, the different isn’t as obvious.

Is there a difference between a $5 wash mitt at a local auto parts store and a $15 wash mitt from a detailing store, yes. But is there a big difference between a $15 wash mitt and a $40 wash mitt? Not so much.

But again, it’s all going to come down to your personal preference and what you’d like to achieve.  

It’s Not The Tool But The Master

At the end of it all, you can give a kid the best tools on the planet to wash a car, but because they don’t have the skills and knowledge, the job is going to come out terrible. Whereas if you give the lowest quality tools and products to someone who knows what they’re doing, they’ll give you significant results. 

So if you’re searching and searching for the perfect tools to give you the perfect results, it’s not going to happen. The actual tools and products that you use are only half the equation. The rest of it must be doing the actual work. 

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