Wash and Wax

If you want to give you car a little bit of shine while making sure it’s protected from bugs and rain, then the wash and wax is a perfect fit for you. A wax can typically last anywhere between 1 to 3 months depending on how you take care of you vehicle. If your headlights are a bit foggy and hazy, I’d also recommend getting your headlights restored.

Wash and Wax Houston

Engine Cleaning

Has it been awhile since you last cleaned your car’s engine? Tired of seeing all the oil, dirt and leaves on your engine? With the proper tools and knowledge that we carry, rest assure that your engine will be cleaned in the safest and most effective manner.

Wheel & Metal Polishing

Are your billet wheels, exhaust, or intake looking a bit hazy? “They don’t have as much shine as they use to?” Then no worries, we’ll bring the shine and luster you once loved.

You definitely need this service if you’re looking to enter your car in a car show (especially since Houston has one of the biggest car shows and car culture in the United States). 


Paint Coating

If you want your car’s paint protected from rain and bugs for YEARS to come, then getting your paint coated should be highly considered. Not only will your car have a strong shield as protection, but it also makes maintenance washing super easy. Note: In order for this coating to work, you do need to go through our swirl removal process.

Paint corrected on black car

Wheel Coating

Your wheels will be one of the dirtiest parts of your car. The dirt, mud, and brake dust that you accumulate while driving can deteriorate the quality of your wheels over time. Especially for those that own billet, aftermarket, or wheels that have been powder-coated. To lessen the gunk that accumulates on your wheels, having them well protected with a wheel coating after a wash can save you the quality of your wheel finish as well as saving you time when it comes to cleaning your wheels.

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A note from Oscar… 
Keep in mind that with our auto detailing services, we’re not aiming to be the cheapest or most affordable detailers in Houston. There’s enough of those detailers all around Houston.

We’re aiming to provide you the best customer service service and best quality of service we possibly can.

This means we want to:

  • Remind you about an upcoming detail
  • Always be on-the-dot punctual with our time when we have an appointment with you
  • Respond to your calls, emails, texts within 10 minutes
  • Make sure you’re 100% satisfied with every single service you order from us
  • Really show you that we care about you and all your needs as a customer

So if that’s the type of detailing service you’re looking for, then we’d be more than glad to take care of your needs. And if that’s not what you’re looking for, then that’s okay, too.